5 Fermented Cocktails Around the US to Sip this Fall

While fermented drinks may bring to mind health kicks and nutrients for some, bartenders have found a way to take the nuance of flavor these ever-changing tastes have and put them to a good cocktails benefit.

Besides some more traditional uses of fermented flavors like ciders, and ginger beers, there are some creative ways to mix some funky flavors using ingredients from kombucha to koji.

Check out these 5 different fermented cocktails to drink as fall moves in.

The Nordic Royale at Longoven (Richmond)

Inspired by classic tiki canon, this take uses modern ingredients to layer berry and spice notes on a neutral spirit foundation. Made with Stolichnaya vodka, Hibiscus Infused Linie Aquavit, Ginger Liquer, Pierre Fernando Dru Curação, Beet Kvass Vinegar, and Sparkling Kirsebær, the drink is an eclectic mix of Northern climate ingredients with a tropical flair.

2939 W Clay St, Richmond, VA, 23230

Summer in London at DBGB (Washington DC)

DBGB, Daniel Boulud’s French Bistro in Washington, DC, uses Wild Kombucha, a local kombucha from Baltimore, MD, to create their Summer in London libation, mixed with Gin, lime, Kombucha, Domaine de Canton, and Demerara to create a tinctured take on a London Mule.

931 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Cat Got Your Tongue at Hampton and Hudson (Atlanta)

Created by Michell Boyd at the gastropub Hampton and Hudson in Georgia, this fermented cocktail is made with Cathead Vodka, lime, hibiscus, lemongrass and kombucha from KEA beverages.

299 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA, 30307

Flux Capacitor at Acre (Auburn)

A deep south concoction, the Flux Capacitor is made with Blackberry Kombucha, Mezcal, Huitlacoche Sour, Cuban Oregano, Begonia Salt, and an Electric Daisy to top it off. When you bite into this gorgeous blossom at the end of the drink, your lips will go number giving the purple drink it’s crackling name.

210 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830

Ferment 75 by Alexis Korman

Alexis Korman the founder of the New Orleans Kumbacha “Big Easy Bucha”, works Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka into her fermented mix as well. Adding in a little of New Orleans Finest Orange Flower Water, some lemon juice, and then simple syrup before filling up with Big Easy Bucha creates a gorgeous pink color and an even better taste.

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